Ignite your team with an amazing comedy keynote that will motivate, inspire, and unite your workplace over some BIG laughs!  My award winning clean comedy has been featured on NBC’s stand up for diversity, Cartoon Network, and landed me the #3 comedy album on iTunes. I’ve helped CEO’s, doctors, television stars, comedians, and employees from all walks of life become sensational communicators while actualizing their vision. Weaving content rich material with phenomenal clean stand up, I will show your company how to maximize peak performance, employee engagement, strengthen team building, cultivating impactful leadership, and increase drive!


In stand up comedy you’ve got about one minute to win over an audience. The secret is connection, communication, and delivery. Highlighting the techniques I’ve used to help CEO’s, doctors, newscasters, and comedians master these life-changing skills, I’ll show your team how to become better communicators, maximize customer engagement, while becoming more impactful leaders. We’ll bond over some huge laughs, dynamic team building exercises, and learn key strategies to maximize the potential of your workplace over three transformative topics.


Regardless if you’re inspiring a crowd, a company, or a co-worker, being a clear, effective, dynamic communicator is a must. All great leaders, bosses, and entertainers know how to seamlessly communicate their vision and have a team rally behind the dream. It’s the same with stand up comedy; you’ve got no room for fluff, every word matters when it comes to captivating crowds. Through improvisational team building exercises, hilarious stand up comedy, and content rich material, we’ll discuss game changing techniques to becoming phenomenal communicators.


In stand up comedy connection breeds camaraderie. It’s the same with in the workplace. I’ll show your team how to create maximum engagement with in their audience through the art of connection. Regardless if you are winning the trust of one or one thousand, you’ll learn how to create bonds that make each person feel valued so they’ll be inspired to reach their full potential.



Comedy is more than what you say; it’s how you say it. This is the secret ingredient behind leaving an audience wooed or getting booed. Breaking down key techniques that helped me garner a standing ovation on national television in less than three minutes, I’ll show how to cultivate a confident delivery that will help you inspire your clients, co-workers, and radiate confidence.


This program is perfectly tailor made just for educators, education administrators, in-services, instructor support staff development, education associations, and more!
What if you could command the classroom with charisma, engage your students, and dynamically communicate with the wit, wisdom, and confidence of a professional comedian? That’s exactly what you’ll learn in Josh Harris’ communications workshop. This Billboard charting comedian has been featured on NBC’s Stand Up For Diversity, written for The Cartoon Network, and in 2015 had the #3 Comedy Album on iTunes, but before his success in entertainment he was a struggling student.

Plagued with learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and an attention span that could be measured in nanoseconds, Josh’s tumultuous academic career landed him in 11 different schools before graduating college. “I was networking,” he jokes. After encountering a few special teachers that changed his life and discovering his learning style, Josh finished strong at Oglethorpe University, one of the best schools in the Southeast. Using the techniques he’s learned from stand up, Josh shows teachers how become great communicators, dynamic public speakers, better engage their classroom, and maximize the potential of their students (especially the distractible ones).

Josh founded Funny U the premier comedy school in the southeast, which has helped individuals from all walks learn how to become phenomenal communicators, strong public speakers, write great jokes, and find their funny.

Now Josh Harris is condensing his critically acclaimed curriculum to help teachers take the stage, take back their classroom, so their students can take on the world!